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Did you know that the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) added over 20 new taxes?  You thought you figured that out already?  Think again!  On October 12,2017, President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13813, changing the way that these taxes and subsidies are interpreted by the federal government.  What does that mean for you?  It depends!  We will be prepared with all of the information at tax time, so let us take care of the heavy lifting of figuring out what makes sense for your situation.  

In addition, hundreds of thousands of Americans have claimed thousands of dollars in subsidies that the IRS will recoup if their taxes aren't done right.  This is in addition to the estimated Billion dollars in taxes wrongfully paid to the government each year by American taxpayers.

With all of the changes and pitfalls associated with the tax code, do you really want to hire a tax firm that hires new employees without experience each year, or worse yet, try to do them yourself?  Charles Langevin has been preparing taxes for over 13 years and is familiar with all aspects of the tax code.  You will not be passed off to an inexperienced assistant.

Our fees are a fraction of the competition's fees and you will get twice the service and expertise.  For those getting refunds, our bank products this year will be FREE!  That means that your tax preparation fees will be deducted from your tax refund without additional cost to you.

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New for this year:  We are offering remote tax services.  Simply click on the link for "Remote Tax Services" and fill out the form.  Then, fax or email it back to our office along with all of your tax forms.  We will contact you when we are about to complete your taxes and ask the necessary questions over the phone.  We will use Skype or Facetime to verify your identity.  For those expecting a refund, we offer FREE bank products, so we can take our fee out of your refund.  For those that owe taxes or are otherwise not receiving a tax refund, we will send you an invoice via e-mail that you can pay with any major credit or debit card!
Is our office too far?  Do you not have a ride?  Do you not have time to come in?  Would you rather not get dressed?
Our new remote tax service is for you!